The Finishing Touch

Accessories add personality to your home. They reflect not only your home’s intrinsic architectural style, but your sense of style as well. More important, accessories, such as window trim and door molding, have the power to pull all the visual elements together to complete the look. Adding accessories turns a plain façade into a welcoming one. Be sure and ask your contractor about accessories available to enhance your home’s exterior.

*Color availability varies by product. Please refer to the Wolverine Product Catalog for specific color information.

Wolverine Accessories Profiles


3 quarter inch outside corner post illustration.

3/4″ Outside Corner Post

Exposure: 3-1/3″
Length: 10′

3/4″ Inside Corner Post

Exposure: 1-½”
Length: 10′

Traditional 6 inch XL Corner with Foam Insert Illustration.

Traditional 6″ XL Corner
With Foam Insert

Exposure: 6″
Length: 20′


5 Eithes Inch J-Channel Illustration

5/8″ J-Channel

Exposure: 1″
Length: 12′ 6″

3 Quarters Inch J-Channel Illustration

3/4″ J-Channel

Exposure: 1″
Length: 12′ 6″

One half Inch J-Channel Illustration.

1/2″ J-Channel

Exposure: 1″
Length: 12′ 6″

Functional Trim

Utility Trim Illustration.

Utility Trim

Exposure: 3/4″
Length: 12′ 6″

Half Inch F-Channel Illustration.


Pocket: 5/8″
Length: 12′ 6″

H Trim Illustration.


Pocket: 1/2″
Length: 12′ 6″

Window & Door

3 and half inch Lineal Trim Illustration.

3-1/2″ Lineal

Exposure: 3-1/2″
Length: 20′

Starter Strips

Vinyl Siding Starter Strip Illustration.

Vinyl Starter Strip

Length: 12′ 6″

Window and Door Starter Strip Illustration.

Window & Door Starter Strip

Length: 10′

image description
Forest Redwood Marine Blue

The Secrets to

Understanding a few principles about how color works will help you create an exterior color palette that fits with your architectural style and puts a smile on your face every time you arrive home.

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