Beaded: A decorative variation of the clapboard style with a half-round molding-like effect into the bottom of the siding panel.

Board and Batten: A style in which a narrow strip of siding covers the seam between two wider boards.

Butt Edge: The protrusion of each vinyl siding panel which casts the shadow line. The bottom butt edge of a siding panel locks into the nail hem of the panel below it.

Clapboard: A horizontal siding (board) of varying widths originally fabricated in wood. It is fabricated and installed so the board above easily overlaps or appears to overlap the board underneath.

Color Contrast: When the color of the vinyl panel and trim are contrasting or different rather than matched: almond siding and linen trim as an example.

D4 Profile: Two four-inch wide horizontal clapboards per single panel of siding.

D5 Profile: Two five-inch wide horizontal clapboards per single panel of siding.

Dutchlap or Shiplap: A more decorative variation on the clapboard style where the face (or width) of the board is beveled for added dimension.

Embossed Grain: A pattern or grain that has been pressed into the vinyl to simulate grain or a special finish.

Fascia: The front facing surface of trim on a house above the soffit but below the roofline.

Fishmouthing: A condition that occurs when the seam formed by joining two panels does not close properly. The resulting seam gapes open, similar to a fish’s mouth.

Grain: The embossed pattern pressed into the vinyl clapboards, simulating wood grain or texture.

Insta-Lok™: Insta-Lok™ by Wolverine ensures that the panels can be locked together, but can also easily slide back and forth for ease in installation. This insure that the panels stay permanently affixed during adverse weather.

Nail Hem: The top portion of a vinyl siding panel. It has oblong horizontal slits into which the installer nails the siding.

Oil Canning: A wavy or bubbled appearance in installed siding as a result of a bad installation caused by nailing the panels too tightly to the wall, thereby prohibiting horizontal movement.

Profiles: The actual siding clapboard panels are called profiles. Some commonly sized profiles are D4, D5 and Dutchlap.

Shadow Line: The shadow cast by the sun on the butt edge, making the panel look deeper from a distance. Each vinyl siding profile has its own distinctive shadow line.

Soffit: The underside of an architectural feature such as a beam, ceiling, cornice, roof overhang, etc. Vinyl soffit is used to cover, dress, decorate or protect this area of a home’s exterior.

Square: Unit of measure for siding equal to 100 square feet (or a 10-foot by 10-foot wall section).

Telegraphing: See Oil Canning.

Vertical/Soffit Profiles: A siding style that can be used either as a vertical siding on the main body of a home or as a soffit detail.

Weep Hole: A small hole in the bottom butt edge of the vinyl siding panel, allowing condensation to escape.

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